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Go Get It, Katrina!

on October 8, 2011

Ok, so YAY! for a new blog! šŸ™‚ I’ve been blogging for some time now (checkout my old blog HERE) and I feel like I need to make a new blog! Ok, I’ve made one at tumblr too but I feel like it’s a bit EMO and resentful which makes me wanna delete it!

Moving on, I’ve got a lot of plans for the latter part of this year–2011 and for the rest of 2012. Mostly travel plans. So, here are the places I WANT and sort of HAVE TO go to:

1. Belgium &Ā Netherlands for my itchy 2011 FEET

2. a SOUTHEAST ASIAN country as the 1st out of the country all-single-cousins travel galore (well my cousin is soon to be married!)

3. Philippines–for a wedding (in reference to #2)

4. US (coz I wanna visit my family andddd wanna watch the US Open too!!)

5. Russia

The last time that I planned a travel almost A YEAR ahead, it didn’t push through. Why? Other than the facts that my favorite band INCUBUS went in town (my country) and I became sort of this crazy fan-girl who did a lot of KICK ASS fan-girl-ing out of LOVE and DEVOTION, I could say that it just wasn’t meant to be!

Well this time, I hope and pray that all these plans come true, without boundaries! I mean, of course there’ll be some sort of restrictions (like Vacation Leave approval from work). But other than that, I hope I get through.

*fingers crossed* and *more prayers*


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