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My Travel Realization: How Did It All Start?

on October 9, 2011

So, where did it all start? How did my love for traveling begin?

There was a saying in my country that if you have a mole in your foot, then you must be a lakwatsera (someone who always go out). I think I have 3 in total! I really didn’t think that’s true because my parents were VERY strict and I was barely allowed to join whatever. Thus, I really didn’t go out that much. Of course by default there were these family vacations or my parents’ company outings in which we joined, but that was it. And it wasn’t even every year! I remember having to spend my whole summer at home, in which my only hope was the swimming/outing from my mom’s work that sometimes gets canceled due to the weather (why would they schedule it end of May when it’s almost the rainy season??).

Subconsciously, I’ve got this urge to always go out whenever I can, be it in the mall, at school, or just at a friend’s house. At gigs, swimming, or even school fairs. Of course as a kid I was limited, but looking back at it right now, it’s all good. My future becomes more and more interesting anyway. 🙂

Okay! Enough about my boring restricted younger life (which somehow, I am grateful for :)). My TRUE traveling experience and appreciation really started in 2007, when me and my family went to Cebu and Bohol for a vacation. Cebu and Bohol are both really beautiful. Ohhh the scenery, the food, the beach, the experience… everything is just LOVELY!!! Since then, I knew that I would be going to different places. That was the turning point of my Lakwatsera life!

I truly appreciate nature, the food, the culture, the people, and the total experience of being just there, wherever I may be. And I guess, I really got into the fascination of traveling because I dove into it with some of the world’s most amazing travel buddies!

Going back to my moles, do you think it has something to do of me being a lakwatsera? 🙂 Possibly, but i think it’s unlikely. Myth or no myth, I’d probably still be taking the same footsteps leading me to the world out there. Once you start, it’s really hard going back to stop. Once you discover that there’s a big and beautiful world out there, then there’s nooooo turning back. The world is my second home, and one way or another, I will go back and be cozy in it. 🙂


What about you? How did it all start for you?

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