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Flight Finally Booked! Here’s What I or You Shouldn’t Do!

on October 10, 2011

Ok, so I’ve already booked my flight yesterday (after a bit of a pingpong due to a lot of considerations!). I’m a bit worried though, coz (a) i booked the dates and it’s not refundable, (b) no formal application of vacation leave yet, and (c) the hype of me going there died down a bit [coz it isn’t until 2wks before i get my visa interview appointment and i hope everything goes smoothly and i get a visa especially because of (a)!!].

So here’s what I’ve been trying NOT to do after I booked my flight (which I’ve instantly violated):

Don’t check back if there are better flights than the one you just got (and paid for), especially if you’ve thought a lot about it before booking it. Why?

Think about this, if you found a cheaper flight and you know that you need to PAY certain fees to re-book your flight, are you willing to pay for it? If not, then you’d probably end up beating yourself about it because you just can’t do anything about it!

Also, it seems like you’ve just wasted the pre-booking “back-and-forth decision making”, right? Ohhh, I hate going back and forth!

Thus, you’ll be your own BUZZKILL and not the new flights available (that you wish you got instead).

Thereforrreeee, once you click that “Confirm Booking” button, don’t look back! Instead, move on and think of what’s ahead: You chasing your much awaited trip! YAY!!!


katrina, the gogetterkat

PS. If you’re flight is NON-REFUNDABLE and you still haven’t had your interview, DON’T WORRY about the “what if’s” of the future (specifically, the “what if I get denied of a visa”). Why? Coz it’s a waste. Why worry about something which isn’t in your hands anymore. Your thoughts should be: “My interview would be okay, and I will get a Visa. Why? Because there’s no other way and my ticket is non-refundable. Thus, one way or another, I still have to go!!”

Pray and Hope for the VERY VERY BEST because it isn’t in your hands anymore.

Arghhhh am now a bit enlightened, but I am still worried. Any thoughts? or any advice?

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