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Post Travel Feeling

It’s been a few days since I’ve arrived from my quick vacation. Right now, I’ve got mixed emotions of relief, happiness, and definitely sadness. Everytime I go on to travel, I learn more and more about the culture, history, art, and the people around me. Much more, I learn and discover myself. It’s very rewarding to be more liberated and restrained at the same time. Just thinking about it now somehow makes me emotional and I am a bit lost for words on how to describe the exact same feeling. But over all, I am very grateful to God Almighty for giving me the opportunity to have a home which I call world.

I am soooo excited to continue this journey and to share my recent experiences. Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium. If only I could share the beauty that my eyes have laid upon to those who want to share it with me just by looking into theirs. My words and my pictures definitely won’t do justice to the true beauty that these places and their people have to offer. The whole experience is a bliss and I couldn’t ask for more. 🙂



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Eating in Dubai on a Holiday

Today is the 2nd to the last day of the 5-day long weekend in celebration for the Eid Al Adha here in Dubai. Since my passport is still with the Consulate of the Netherlands (for my upcoming Euro 2011 travelshiz), I’ve no choice but to just be here–literally here in my current base, Dubai.

My roommate left me for a short holiday to Vietnam. Oh trust me when I say I’m soooo excited for her trip. I’m not envious (believe me when I say this time that I’m not that envious) of her going… To be honest, I was actually a bit sad for myself because I’d be spending this longgggg holiday alone here in this empty studio of ours. No friend to chat with about random ridiculous stuff. No “boy” talks. No narcissistic convos. No “tipid” (thrifty) food galore. No nothing. Just me, myself, and my laptop (and yes, dirty laundry).

Good thing, there’s what we all call as “friendly neighbors” to the rescue… My friend-friends. 🙂 [Barsha people +more!!].

So, what did we do for the past few days? Duh!!! What we’ve always done in each weekend–only this time, LONGER!


What I like (and have somehow discovered) here in Dubai is the extensive fooooooddddd choices.

Thursday (day 1): dinner at Channels Buffet at Rotana

Friday (day 2): Global Village food fest

Saturday (day 3):  Tim Horton’s at Sheikh Zayed, then dinner at Thyme Buffet at JBR. After which, after dinner drinks at a friend’s (didi’s) house.

Sunday (day 4): dinner at Bricklane, Al Barsha, then Yougurt at Red Mango, MOE (the chocolate flavor is LOVEEEE), thennnnn another after dinner drinks at a friend’s (marian’s) house.

Monday (today!!!): food fest by the pool in our building, then a follow up dinner at Apple Bees… and after this blog, after dinner drinks at a friend’s (alma’s) house. 😀

SO there… my “being stuck” at the base isn’t too bad after all. I got to appreciate Dubai as a 2nd place of residency for me (sorry kids, but the term home is a bit strong, soooo it might take a while for me to call it that :P)… Thanks to the easy food access and the amazing people I get to share it with.

Ok, if you are having a boring time from where you’re at, just allow yourself to indulge on something and you’d feel like you’re on a Holiday and would definitely get to appreciate and enjoy it even more 🙂

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