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Still Single? Oh, You Too Believe in “Destiny”

on December 27, 2011

A friend shared a blog post about reasons why a girl is still “single”… Reasons such as believing in high standards, being too desperate, etc etc… The last part was about “destiny”. Something which says that “each pot has its own cover.”

My name is katrina and i am single too. I am a bit guilty of the reasons written there… And i too believe in destiny.

Destiny… I think that whether you do something or not, destiny would still take its course. But do note, destiny makes its way in each of us once we allow ourselves to let other people in. If we keep our hearts closed, even if love finds its way to your direction and eventually finds you, it would be an epic fail.

Let destiny do its job and do yours as well…
So live and let live. Love and be loved… xx

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