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Taking a Quick Peek at Spain’s Capital, Madrid: A Sort of Photo Blog

on December 28, 2011

Sometimes, it’s a bit tough to start writing even though we have a lot of things to share. I’ve been meaning to write about my recent travel adventure to Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands, but I honestly don’t know where to start.

So I thought, why not start from scratch– from back 2008? Well, I scratched that part for now coz I’m a bit lazy to dig my HDD for old photos (Blog+Photos are much more fun and interesting, isn’t it?).

As I browse through my Europe travel last year (2010), I stumbled upon these photos that I’ve patiently edited for a period of time. I eventually stopped editing coz I felt like it delayed the process of my sharing everything. [Yes, I went through everything wikitravel highlighted… but still managed to get off track and it was really tiring!!]


Looking at it made me smile and realize how lovely the place (and how good my then camera is: Nikon D40x!).

I thought I’d share it anyway… Will update soon (and if by the any chance, I find tons of time, I’d probably make some more). 🙂

The SKY is soooo BLUE!! Yes, it’s Summer!!! ❤

Okay, so here’s my complete collection of edited pictures 🙂

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