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confronting thoughts and embarking on different adventures, one moment at a time

have you ever floated? i think i am floating

on December 29, 2011

and i am content. does that mean i am happy? maybe i am. i feel light, free, and just content with the life i have right now. i couldn’t care less about what would happen tomorrow, and i don’t wanna even think about “thinking about it” at all. i know some things are bound to happen, but i don’t wanna think about it now.

i somehow feel like i am also in love… not to a person but to a lot of things–not the material ones. more of, the thoughts, ideas, the music, the vision, with life.

the world is so beautiful. life is beautiful. and yes, i am in love… i am floating. are you?

by the way, i am currently listening to jason mraz’s songs: the world as i see it, sleep all day, and sleeping to dream 🙂 oh yes ME floats even more. good music helps us to float higher.


ps. no bubble popping please 😛

it’s almost 1 am, so i think it’s fair to leave you guys with this song: Sleep All Day

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