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After (not that) Much Consideration, I Have No Clue What’s in Store for New Year’s Eve :/

on December 31, 2011

Okay, so in less than 22 hours, the year would be New. Yes, it’s gonna be 2012! And no, I still (or must I say, we?) haven’t figured out how to celebrate the “welcoming” of the New Year.

Jeeezzz… why is it a bit harder this year? Well, it actually isn’t hard at all, am not stressing about it. Yesterday, I was even thinking of just staying home and just sleep or something. Not that I am a buzzkill, it’s just that for the past few days, no… weeks, I’ve just be pretty tired… Tired to the point that once I get home, I just clean myself up and think for a bit then sleep. So this long weekend, just staying in is one of my options.

Another easy solution to actually have an option would’ve been to just go to my relatives and celebrate it with them, the same thing I did for the past two years. Easy choice but I sort of brushed it off. Why? Because since I’d spent my Christmas Eve with my good friends (which we sort of planned atleast a week ahead), I kind of counted on celebrating it with them. But until now–no plans too!

My good friend, Jill, was actually planning to watch her favorite band Coldplay to play on New Year’s eve. Earlier, I found it a bit ridiculous and somehow sad to watch a concert on NYE… But now that I think about it, having that plan than no plan is atleast a plan! And just a few minutes ago, I decided to check if there were still tickets. Apparently, NONE. It’s not meant to be. So my first option seems to be the winner. Bummer.

Now the thing is, compared to the Philippines, it seems like the way UAE celebrates the new year is a bit tame. No pun intended. I meant, in the Philippines, the people are very ummm enthusiastic, thus, this kind of celebration is really very very festive. You’d see a lot of household having their own fireworks and firecrackers, the noisier and brighter it is, the better! Much more that there’s a Chinese influence in us (not just Chinese in the Philippines, but the influence in beliefs/feng shui too). Apart from that, different TV stations set up street party celebrations in different areas of the city, closing all traffic in that area for the people to celebrate. Street Party: free of charge, with a lot of local artists and celebrities performing for all to see–like a free concert! And yes, it is televised nationwide. Hotels too have their own party and you get to celebrate it with other tourists hanging out.

I suppose here, it’s almost the same with the exception of the abundance of fireworks in the sky (imagine almost every household setting up their own New Year firecrackers!) and street parties (oh wait, there was one last year at the Burj Khalifa, but I think it was just an extravagant fountain and fireworks display). And the parties here aren’t free (I’m referring to Sandance coz it’s the only party I know of, with the exception of Hotel parties and Bar/Resto parties which duh! you actually have to pay for too!).

2 years ago, I moved here in the UAE. Most of my relatives are in Sharjah–another emirate in the UAE (which is by far a lot more conservative compared to Dubai). Ever since I moved here, I celebrated this holiday with them and yes, it was a big party (including all my extended family and their friends’ families too), and yes again, the only New Year tradition props missing is the fireworks. Also, I felt like their house was the only one partying in the area.

It has been 3 years since I’ve seen an amazing New Year fireworks… or that very festive New Year vibe! 3 friggin years (the last time was actually in 2008!). Since I don’t intend to go to Sharjah to celebrate the New Year, then atleast I want to see some fireworks and really feel the vibe. I think I could do that. But, I just don’t wanna see it in the sky… I actually wanna feel the festivity, the noise, the eeky smell of the smoke the fireworks/crackers produce, even the noise of the trumpet!

Now that I think about it, staying home would make me feel miserable and I don’t wanna do that anymore. So, how do I maximize my resources then?

What about you, how are you going to celebrate your New Year’s eve?

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂


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