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Those days that the word “Relax” became synonymous to “Fun”

on January 8, 2012

Remembering where I went more than two years ago, I’d like to share our trip to Villa Escudero, Quezon, Philippines.

Villa Escudero is a privately owned coconut plantation that has eventually been opened to the public to enjoy the amenities that the Villa has to offer. [Check out their website here]. We were told by one of the workers there that the owner has given/awarded its workers their own houses/homes inside the Villa–those who were loyal and have been working there for some time… They have been the one who has maintained the Villa and it is just proper since it’s also their home. Isn’t it amazing?

Villa Escudero felt really cozy for me. True, it’s quite big, in which you have to walk more than a few hundred meters (it’s a plantation after all!) to get to the suites, but a bit of a walking ain’t that bad. With nature surrounding us, it’s actually very refreshing. Apart from hundreds of trees and open spaces, there’s also a lake where you could paddle on a bamboo raft. There’s also a buffet just below the man-made waterfalls and of course, the fresh water on it (coming from the lake) has tiny fishes swimming around!!! There’s also some local performances (singing/dancing showcasing our Filipino culture) on some days. And of course, the typical pool that a normal human being could swim to–you wanna know how relaxing it is (though it’s very typical)? Just look at one of my photos below–where the MEN in our family just fell asleep in a few seconds! LOL

If you intend to make an escape at the crazy city of Manila, then this is one of the places I’d recommend. It isn’t that far from the city but it’s like you’re in a totally different world because of the sudden change in scenery. This Β place could actually serve its purpose: Relaxation. But then again, if you’re with a huge family who is just as FUN as you are, then forget about relaxing and just go crazy!

Looking back at these pictures, what I’ve noticed is that when I travel with a group–family or friends, all the pictures need to have a “face” in it. I think it’s a “normal” Filipino characteristic: to be a CAMWHORE! hehehe See for yourself!!

This is our ride from the main entrance (reception at the gate) towards the Villa proper: a Carabao! And that’s my aunt over there πŸ™‚

the carabao ride to the suites of Villa Escudero

A glimpse of the beauty of nature that awaits us…

My family, just settling in at the lobby upon arrival.

My sister, Angel, and my cousin, Renz at the receiving area

My immediate and extended family, upon arrival (minus me--the one taking the photo)

Finally reached our suite… now, time to chill and relax for a bit… *Bliss*

the view of the lake and the woods just outside our suite's balcony

my family OWNING the world "relax" on an lazy noon

this is how I do it... Ommmm

Of course, with my family’s nature, we won’t just sit around for the rest of the day! After a much deserved moment of relaxation, we’re now ready to conquer the WORLD! Nah–I meant, explore the place has to offer. πŸ™‚

this was supposed to be a "cousins only" photo... but it's all good, my uncle made it in so it's all good! hehe

the man-made waterfall! and yes, this is where we'll be eating πŸ™‚

here's the buffet table. see those tables, yes, water flowing on our feet!

before getting cozy and chowing down some foodie, we all decided to explore and walk further down… and here’s where we were able to go to… just some more woods and water flowing on our toes πŸ˜€

my cousins and my siblings (and yours truly is on the back of the cam!)

and so, we all decided to go back and get ourselves some food… but wait, CAMWHORES attack!!!

(i miss my SLR :()... siblings and cousins being CAMWHORES! hehehe

siblings and cousins being camwhores, now being joined by my aunt! πŸ˜›

After lunch photoop πŸ˜›

Villa Escudero, having offered a variety of amenities, allowed us to ride bamboo rafts in the peaceful lake Labasin. such a beauty…

Lake Labasin

my extended and immediate family just waiting for us to go and ride our rafts

first to go! myself and my sister... riding the peaceful lake (and "working it")

kids playing around. YAY!

And tantararantaran… We found a swimming pool!

the true women in the family... aunt B, mi mama, and aunt lot!

children who will always feel young and would never grow old--especially when they're with their moms πŸ˜€

Remember what I said earlier about how relaxing this place is? Just look at the picture below. This is how the MEN were able to relax. EASY, BREEZY!!!


Walking in the woods… exploring some other parts of Villa Escudero

Coconut trees

gorgeous ladies walking away

my lovely sister posing on the V tree

And of course, the picture with the Philippine Jeep!

Mi familia in le jeep!

The pictures here are a compilation of my photos and my sister’s and cousin’s shots. I hope you also enjoyed looking at the pictures, same as I did upon looking and reliving the memory of it. πŸ™‚


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