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When “Sleep All Day” Meant More

on January 10, 2012

Can I make this my anthem for this 2012 AD? 🙂

The first time I’ve heard of this song a few years ago, I just thought it was okay. I don’t have any strong memory of how I felt about this song years ago… Well, it isn’t a single anyway, so no wonder it didn’t really get stuck in my head or something just like other released singles.

Okay, so last year I somehow re-stumbled to Jason Mraz’s songs. Maybe because he had a show in Manila that I wasn’t able to go to? Or maybe, it was fate. If you’re gonna read these posts, you’d find out that his music has somehow helped me have a lighter, more freeing outlook in life. It’s hard to explain, but listening to his music just makes me a bit light headed (in a good way)–the music itself soothes my mood… Much more when I really listen to the words behind the tunes… an inside joke meant that I feel I am on a “high”. And an even better description would be: me not worrying away (yah know!)– the “hippie” feeling, as what i call it. Hippie High?

Now, Sleep All Day. When I got myself the chance to listen to Jason’s songs again, I played this song instantly. Not sure why but upon reading the song title, I felt like it has a connection or a memory or something like that–like I’ve already heard of it and it’s familiar. When I listened to it this time around, I really liked it. Since then, it’s just there in my playlist.

Before saying what I think of the meaning itself, I tried to re-read the lyrics and also somehow googled the song meaning. The latter sort of just messed with me! Hehe… I’ll just stick to what I feel it means to me.

For me it’s about thinking of doing something, for the reason that it had to be done. But instead, rather than doing whatever it is, you just do what you feel like doing at that exact moment! In this case, it meant “sleeping all  day”. Not worrying about what others may think of what he’s doing, he just went and go for it… Taking it all easy, but at the same time, keeping in mind of making things greater in doing it, making the most out of it.

Whether the “sleep” is a metaphor for fun, sleeping with someone, or just the true sleep (nap), for me what “sleep all day” truly says is to allow ourselves to have the time of doing whatever makes us happy at that exact moment, without worrying about anything at all, and making the most out of it (–in which I think the line “if all is grounded you should go make a mountain out of it” fits perfectly).

So, there you have it folks. The song that supported the kick off of my 2012 AD!

“Why don’t we sleep all day?”



PS. Let’s all live in the moment the moment it happens. Why worry about tomorrow when we still have the rest of the day to take care of, right?

PPS. Other songs of his that have hit me and my playlist hard are: The Remedy, Live High, Make It Mine… My other favorites too are: If It Kills Me, Geek in the Pink, Lucky, I’m Yours, Sleeping to Dream, Love (by Hope).

5 responses to “When “Sleep All Day” Meant More

  1. niq says:

    thanks for your post! it’s just what i was searching for ^^

  2. Adi says:

    Oh my god. This is 2015, I am at the university working on my Master’s thesis, Its Tuesday morning and I did not go home since Saturday night, been sleeping in the Uni all along. And all of a sudden my head tells me, hey lets listen to sleep all day. I have listened to this song a million times, and okay, I had an idea what it meant, but I nevertheless decided to google the meaning. Lyrics on genius.com helped me gain a new perspective about the song, aaand then I stumbled upon your blog. I just liked the way how your writing about Jason’s songs completely resonates what I feel about his work. Make it mine, the remedy till the recent 93 million miles.
    Boy, I dont even know if you will read my comment, but this page just put me back in a good mood.

    Hugs from Germany!

    • kattrinna says:

      Hi Adi! You have made my day when I first read your comment… I’ve been trying to think of the best way to explain how your words have put a smile in my face, but I had to find time and sit down to reflect on what you said. I am grateful of how Jason’s words have somehow uplifted us one way or another… And in spite of our own interpretations, it still made us somehow feel optimistic.

      Reading your comment made me go back to that time I wrote this blog… Brings me back to that time when I allow myself to take things lightly and just feel good about life, not worrying it away.

      It feels even better to know that there are people whom we can relate to in spite of the time and distance. I hope you have managed to get some rest since last Tuesday. 🙂

      Good luck on your thesis!


  3. Its 2015 already and I use to listen to this way back in College (zamboanga),it was Saturday and I was thinking of the future (BGC).

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