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our age and its technology

on February 8, 2013

a few years back when there were still no ipads, tabs, and touchscreen mobile phones, back when a camera phone was considered the most savvy technology, everyone seemed more resourceful with regards to killing time.

it was only a few years ago when these conversation-eaters and card game-eater (in which i would like to refer to as ipads and its alike) really boomed. with these gadgets being very handy, you’d expect that everywhere you go, you’d see it, and most likely if you have one, you’d bring it.
normally, when i go out with friends to hangout (especially when i haven’t seen them for quite sometime) i’d limit myself from looking at my phone, possibly only when taking pictures or checking for messages that might be important. plus the fact thay i get annoyed when someone does it to me. but nowadays its inevitable.
it was only a few years ago when people would rather bring and read books for idle time… or play card games, or uno. or drinking games… or truth or dare. something like that. endless conversations too! both deep and lame conversations.
but now, if by any chance that there’s an idle time, most of us can’t help but look into that particular app, fb profile, tweet, or games. until everyone does.
look at what i am doing now, blogging while waiting for everyone to get settled before playing charades, while everyone else is doing the same thing i have mentioned here. as much as i don’t want to, i am not the best in the game of stares and wait for everyone to put down their gadgets. and not the best topic starter in convos. so i dive and join the techno-fiesta.

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