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Backup or Backdown

on April 15, 2013

after several days–or weeks, they’re almost sorted out!

Probably one of the hardest (or most dragging) thing to do is to sort out more than 5 years of your backup to make a 2nd backup to save yourself the possibility of losing your most precious files if in case something crashes.

Sometimes, laziness catches up with us and we tend to forget about transferring our most memorable pictures to our newly bought HDD and then one day… BOOM! Our computer crashes. All we can do is pray really really hard that those could still be recovered.

Lesson learned and so we make a redundant to our redundant drive. Either we backup, or we back down and let fate take its course if in case something bad really happens.

Sometimes though, we tend to be overly sure and rush things and we don’t realize that we have already made a hundred copies of the same file in each of our redundant drives. Talk about REDUNDANT REDUNDANCY! (correct me if it this is right or if it should be “redundant redundant!”) Yeah, you got it.

So here I am, one file–or folder at a time, trying to sort things out… giving me the future benefit of saving disk space and yes–money for more redundancy.

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