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When Some Things Change, Would You Do The Same?

It’s amazing how people change and yet our relationship with them doesn’t. I’ve always wondered, if I’ve only met them now, with the new version of themselves, would I be friends with them? Or, would I be considered a “friend material” with how I’ve changed too? Maybe. or, maybe not. But regardless. I think, we meet people because it’s fate. But logically, because it’s good for humanity. There’s always something good even in the deepest and darkest hour. Like a silver lining. They help us become who we are, and in turn we do the same. We change too, you know. And together, we adapt with the changes of the other party. We grow. We learn a thing or two. We find deeper meaning in similarities and differences. We find comfort in the traditional, the old fashioned, the usual. We find excitement in something new, unusual, and exquisite. We learn what we want and what we don’t. And we learn to adapt or move on and let go. Either way, it’s all good.

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