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confronting thoughts and embarking on different adventures, one moment at a time


on January 7, 2015

Okay. I just thought I should also share my exact feelings right now, having the sun set in the background while I sit back and think here at the 17F. Not really good at this though… so please bear with me! 🙂


The sun was blinding and almost set
I wonder right now, where is your mind at?
I haven’t seen you nor touched your face
And I could only hope that you have that gaze.

The kind of gaze that I long to see
Burning through my soul, intently, unwavering
Oh you make my heart tremble, you don’t have a clue
I could only hope I’m watching the sun set with you.

By now the sun stares right at my eyes
I can’t look ahead, except let it grace my life
Right now you probably don’t have a clue
That you’ve claimed my heart from the start, yes, you do.

Even with the skyscrapers, the circle of the sun
Can’t be swayed, very fierce to be stunned
Now I wonder how long it would take
To have it disappear again and set my prayers straight.

Last season I claimed you in my life
Through my prayers, I claimed with faith in my mind
This beautiful sunset made me poetic for you
Ever since I’ve seen it, it has been my favorite view.

For years I’ve witnessed it here and there
But I know that it will never compare
To have your hand intertwined with mine
To have your love wrapped up and around in mine

Even when the sun has set and the day went to an end
The beauty it holds take away my breath
My dear, my love, it reminds me of you
Because I know, every day, it’s always due

To come to me, to come to my life
To never miss a beat when it comes in sight
God know how much I love to see
It’s enchanting beauty specially cause you’re with me.

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