i won't worry my life away

confronting thoughts and embarking on different adventures, one moment at a time


on July 27, 2016

Girls apparently love to fixate on things. I haven’t really realized it until a guy I met told this to me during a small talk about me feeling the need to always eat all the time while we were taking a break during our climb up the elephant mountain. I couldn’t agree more.

Girls love to dwell, fixate, and couldn’t help themselves to hang on in spite of their gutts.

And I think, I have fixated myself with someone I met who basically said that “I would find a good man” as he said goodbye and that whatever I/we were feeling/thinking “was not good”.

He is a good man. And i am very happy and grateful to have met him. I was a bit heartbroken when he left, my eyes were sad. However, I knew that I would see him again eventually.

But as I look forward to the small talks over the internet every single time that I go online, i couldn’t help but expect in spite of the non-existent promise of commitment. It is my fixation with his mere existence. And i brought this upon myself.

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