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Why can’t the cops in my country look like this?

Here are some pictures that I took on different occasions during my travel with the local police on stand by. If the cops look like this in my country, it’s either I behave really well, or I’d go really crazy and allow myself to be captured in their arms. Hahahah Kidding!!! πŸ˜›

Do you think they have like a “good looking/hotness” factor or requirement to be a cop? Oh.

1. Just across the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain. 2010


2. Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain. 2010


3. Istiklal, Istanbul, Turkey


4. Blue Mosque, Istanbul Turkey


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Free Meal? Even Better: My Burj Al Arab Experience

Lately I’ve been thinking of going back to the Burj Al Arab to accompany a good friend… And so I remember this great experience on my first time there.

It was more than a year ago (November 2010) Β when I had first set foot inside this very luxurious, one of the 7-star hotels in the world: the Burj Al Arab, in Dubai, UAE. When I arrived here more than 2 years ago (that was 2009), I told myself that I’d go inside, probably to eat or something. Little did I know that I was in for a better treat!

The Burj Al Arab by day... It's an image of beauty, like a standing ship. Amazing architecture that could withstand great earthquakes (well, atleast that's what they said!!)

Backstory: 2 of my friends had a “bet” because of me. No, I wasn’t in the bet you silly!!! I was just there, and if it weren’t for their confusion because of the person that I brought up, then there won’t be any bet at all. Hehehe

Okay, so… here it goes.

One day, after lunch, my friend Duane (whom we shall call Duanerdude), went to my desk for some after lunch pep talk. Duane, who is also friends with RJ who was my boss (with whom I am also friends with), talked to him too. We’re all friends you see… Anyway, RJ’s cubicle is just beside mine, so, we all just chilled there for a few minutes. Sometime in between, I suddenly mentioned Janet Meneses (she is also an officemate of ours with whom we order lunch from but we haven’t really met personally!). Β I think her name popped out because I still haven’t paid for lunch order or something (?). Anyway, here’s how the rest of the story went:

RJ: But Janet Meneses is just there (referring to Janet from our floor).

Me: Really? I know her name is Janet, but I’m just not sure if she’s Janet Meneses.

Duanerdude: No, she’s not Janet Meneses. She’s from a different floor.

*Both guys being confident*

Duanerdude: Okay, do you wanna bet? Dinner at Burj Al Arab.

RJ: Sure (currently busy typing something or checking his laptop).

Me: I’ll go and ask Janet who she is…

Me (talking to RJ): Hey, if you win, then can I be included (referring to getting the price).

RJ: Sure.

Me (talking to Duanerdude): Hey, if you win, then can I be included (referring to getting the price).

Duanerdude: Sure.

Me: O.O (no matter what, things are looking good for me!)

I walked towards Janet’s desk.

Me: Hi Ma’am… I’d like to ask, coz I wasn’t sure… Are you Janet Meneses?

Janet: Oh, my name is also Janet, but I’m not Janet Meneses. I’m Janet Bandoug. πŸ™‚

Me: Oh, I’m sorry. Thanks πŸ™‚

I walked back towards the guys with a blank face… Like this… 😐

Me: Her name is also Janet but she’s not Janet Meneses!

RJ scratches his head.


After a few months, RJ and his lovely wife Trina had decided to move back to the Philippines. Just a few weeks before they left Dubai, the “Bet” was honored! Nothing could ever go wrong with a free meal… Much more that it’s in a restaurant of the Burj Al Arab!

I went to the Burj Al Arab in my little black dress. Duanerdude wore something other than his favorite Birks. RJ, Trina, Myself, Duanerdude, and Len all went there. YAY!!!

The Burj Al Arab is one of Dubai’s biggest and most luxurious landmarks. It’s building is just like a ship, standing up. It is situated in a man-made island along Jumeirah. The design both inside and out is very intricate. The hotel itself is sooo luxurious, so much that some of its interior designs are specially made for the hotel, and much more, is made of gold. The cost of the whole building and construction is really very expensive, so expensive, that even if the hotel earns for a hundred years, won’t even break even (this, according to the research of my friend–I have yet to find some reading *yawns*too lazy, so hearsay would do *yawns*).

So here it is… The Burj Al Arab:

*sorry for the pictures, most of them are mine and I wasn’t really into getting all the interior… You see, I am more of wording it out yo! LOL. The decent pictures are probably my friends’ (either Len’s, Trina/RJ’s or Duane’s!). *Pictures here aren’t watermark (not that I am a real photographer), but if you wanna get some, just hit me up :)*

The different lighting of Burj Al Arab at night.

Just before dinner, of course, we’ll get a few snaps!

View of the interior of the Burj Al Arab

A closer look at that (phot by Len)

This is where we had dinner, at the Al Iwan restaurant. The main cuisine is Arabic, but they also have some Japanese (sushi!!!), Indian (Biryani), etc. Price hasn’t changed since November 2010– it’s still 395 AED for dinner. However, each bottle of water is 50AED, which is around 13USD (for a liter of a french water or something). We had 2, and after all the Burj Al Arab experience, we were so damn thirsty!!! (Btw, a bottle of water in the grocery is 1.5AED per 1.5L, and noooo, we were not in it to splurge on a water which is more than 10x the price!!)

At the Al Iwan restaurant of Burj Al Arab (yes, it's a buffet!!!) YAY!

The food was great and as usual, we ate a LOT. And when I say a lot, I really mean it. πŸ˜› My favorite was the Japanese cuisine and the shrimps too! Oh and yes, the desserts. You couldn’t go wrong with the food because of the wide selection.

I did not bother getting photos of the main dishes that I got etc… Only the dessert. Why? Coz it’s the most presentable one!

my dessert plate ROUND 1

my dessert plate ROUND 2

i got this from the cake πŸ™‚

Yes, this is their most expensive wine here. No big deal! 😐 65000 AED is NOTHING at all!!!

Okay, so after dinner, we decided to roam around the hotel and check the interior of the rest of the building. Well, it’s not everyday that you get to go inside the Burj Al Arab, so we thought that by atleast having dinner there, then we have a “free pass” to roam inside. πŸ™‚ We asked some of the hotel workers (of the same nationality as ours, Filipino), if they could let us check a room out. Unfortunately, due to a “convention” or something, we can’t–they’re fully booked!!! (I think a hotel room probably costs like 5000USD or something–not sure though).

the typical lady camwhores! πŸ˜›

The typical after dinner photoop. We're already full, of course we have all the energy to spare!

while roaming inside Burj Al Arab -- the receiving area to another restaurant

*we have hundreds of CAMWHORE pictures, but I guess we’re the only ones interested in that. πŸ˜›

We also wanted to check out the Skyview bar. The hotel has a waiting area just outside the elevator to this bar.

the wall/ceiling at the waiting are just outside the elevator to the Skyview Bar

Apparently, you need to have a bar reservation too to go inside. On our way, we did a few stuff… Like:

1. Wacky shots in front of a mirror just outside the really fast elevator to the skyview bar. (We actually did a lot… like around 10. But here’s just two for your eyes. Okay, so imagine us trying to get a decent photo whenever there’s no one around or alteast looking, which means, we had to make sure that no one is in the area to go in and out of that damn elevator!

Look at Charlie's Angels at the background of this couple who has a crazy wifey!

Funny group camwhores at the lobby outside the elevator to the Skyview Bar (L-R Len, myself/Kat, Trina, RJ and Duane)

2. Take a picture (actually, pictures, but I’ll just post 1) inside the elevator — my ears hurt! AWW

Me and my friends as elevator camwhores!!! Oh wow, this is really a fast elevator--trust me!

3. And of course, a souvenir photo at the Skyview Bar (we weren’t allowed to go inside)

sorry if I included myself, I couldn't find one without "me".

Now, back to roaming around!

without our normal selves

myself, standing at the mosaic floor, with the hall behind me

while roaming inside Burj Al Arab, this other receiving area could also be found

The elevators to the suites

flooring (photo by Len)

carpet (photo by Len)

A Camel

Kids--NOT!, Duanerdude and Len

I'd like to think I somehow look nice-- or just OK. One of the many fresh flowers scattered around. OK!

Just before taking off, a last glimpse of the Burj Al Arab.

The view of the interior of the Burj Al Arab from the lobby (photo by Len)

view of the lobby of Burj Al Arab

While waiting for the ride to arrive, at the lobby (photo by Len)

and that is the front desk (photo by Len)

This is me, just before going to our ride. Hope you all enjoyed the Burj Al Arab too! πŸ™‚

I pose, when i feel it's right! πŸ˜›

Main Entrance of the Burj (and Exit too--obviously!)


Luggage to Backpack, but… How? or, WHAT?!?

Dreaming of going backpacking means letting go of heavy luggage and carrying unnecessary stuff. A girl could dream, right?

As some of you know (or, don’t know), I enjoy traveling… So much, that whenever I get the opportunity, I try to visit different places… atleast once a year. Once of the things that I am not a big fan of is packing. I was never a light traveler. I’ve never really attempted to pack things lightly. I am one of those who even tries to pack an outfit on a per-day basis.

Yes, you could just imagine!!! Last year, I even brought a luggage bag just cause it was my first time to go to a colder place and I don’t know what to bring, or if the clothes I’ll be bringing are enough to keep me warm! 😦 16 kilos is a bit much, I know 😦

Okay. So, moving on… I’ve been thinking of backpacking (even though it may not be really good for my back, I have scoliosis, you see!!–but I think a backpack would be better for longer trips than allowing myself to carry a heavy luggage and tempting myself to max it out!!!). Backpacking means I need a backpack, and there are just soooo many options!

Backpack “shopping” tips I got from reading forums etc:

-don’t go overboard. Don’t go over 45

-make sure it fits your back properly, by that, it means the Torso

Actually, those are the only thing that I find really important. Still, I’ve no clue what backpack to buy. I went to the store last week, and there were a few options that sort of fit my torso. I took down the model names and found out that they were mostly designed for men (where are the female backpack models?!?: UNFAIR!!). Okay fine, they fit me. But, do they really need to be very strappy/ropey? Some I think are more for hiking or mountaineering… Are they also good for backpacking? I find those straps/ropes unnecessary.

What do you do when there’s really not much of an option to go for?

So, here are the backpacks available in the store that fit me:

Alpine Lowe Airzone 45+10 (can’t recall if this was the centro)

Vango countour 50+10

Northface Terra 45

Go Sport Andina 50

I hope someone could help me… Puhlease!!


Those days that the word “Relax” became synonymous to “Fun”

Remembering where I went more than two years ago, I’d like to share our trip to Villa Escudero, Quezon, Philippines.

Villa Escudero is a privately owned coconut plantation that has eventually been opened to the public to enjoy the amenities that the Villa has to offer. [Check out their website here]. We were told by one of the workers there that the owner has given/awarded its workers their own houses/homes inside the Villa–those who were loyal and have been working there for some time… They have been the one who has maintained the Villa and it is just proper since it’s also their home. Isn’t it amazing?

Villa Escudero felt really cozy for me. True, it’s quite big, in which you have to walk more than a few hundred meters (it’s a plantation after all!) to get to the suites, but a bit of a walking ain’t that bad. With nature surrounding us, it’s actually very refreshing. Apart from hundreds of trees and open spaces, there’s also a lake where you could paddle on a bamboo raft. There’s also a buffet just below the man-made waterfalls and of course, the fresh water on it (coming from the lake) has tiny fishes swimming around!!! There’s also some local performances (singing/dancing showcasing our Filipino culture) on some days. And of course, the typical pool that a normal human being could swim to–you wanna know how relaxing it is (though it’s very typical)? Just look at one of my photos below–where the MEN in our family just fell asleep in a few seconds! LOL

If you intend to make an escape at the crazy city of Manila, then this is one of the places I’d recommend. It isn’t that far from the city but it’s like you’re in a totally different world because of the sudden change in scenery. This Β place could actually serve its purpose: Relaxation. But then again, if you’re with a huge family who is just as FUN as you are, then forget about relaxing and just go crazy!

Looking back at these pictures, what I’ve noticed is that when I travel with a group–family or friends, all the pictures need to have a “face” in it. I think it’s a “normal” Filipino characteristic: to be a CAMWHORE! hehehe See for yourself!!

This is our ride from the main entrance (reception at the gate) towards the Villa proper: a Carabao! And that’s my aunt over there πŸ™‚

the carabao ride to the suites of Villa Escudero

A glimpse of the beauty of nature that awaits us…

My family, just settling in at the lobby upon arrival.

My sister, Angel, and my cousin, Renz at the receiving area

My immediate and extended family, upon arrival (minus me--the one taking the photo)

Finally reached our suite… now, time to chill and relax for a bit… *Bliss*

the view of the lake and the woods just outside our suite's balcony

my family OWNING the world "relax" on an lazy noon

this is how I do it... Ommmm

Of course, with my family’s nature, we won’t just sit around for the rest of the day! After a much deserved moment of relaxation, we’re now ready to conquer the WORLD! Nah–I meant, explore the place has to offer. πŸ™‚

this was supposed to be a "cousins only" photo... but it's all good, my uncle made it in so it's all good! hehe

the man-made waterfall! and yes, this is where we'll be eating πŸ™‚

here's the buffet table. see those tables, yes, water flowing on our feet!

before getting cozy and chowing down some foodie, we all decided to explore and walk further down… and here’s where we were able to go to… just some more woods and water flowing on our toes πŸ˜€

my cousins and my siblings (and yours truly is on the back of the cam!)

and so, we all decided to go back and get ourselves some food… but wait, CAMWHORES attack!!!

(i miss my SLR :()... siblings and cousins being CAMWHORES! hehehe

siblings and cousins being camwhores, now being joined by my aunt! πŸ˜›

After lunch photoop πŸ˜›

Villa Escudero, having offered a variety of amenities, allowed us to ride bamboo rafts in the peaceful lake Labasin. such a beauty…

Lake Labasin

my extended and immediate family just waiting for us to go and ride our rafts

first to go! myself and my sister... riding the peaceful lake (and "working it")

kids playing around. YAY!

And tantararantaran… We found a swimming pool!

the true women in the family... aunt B, mi mama, and aunt lot!

children who will always feel young and would never grow old--especially when they're with their moms πŸ˜€

Remember what I said earlier about how relaxing this place is? Just look at the picture below. This is how the MEN were able to relax. EASY, BREEZY!!!


Walking in the woods… exploring some other parts of Villa Escudero

Coconut trees

gorgeous ladies walking away

my lovely sister posing on the V tree

And of course, the picture with the Philippine Jeep!

Mi familia in le jeep!

The pictures here are a compilation of my photos and my sister’s and cousin’s shots. I hope you also enjoyed looking at the pictures, same as I did upon looking and reliving the memory of it. πŸ™‚


Taking a Quick Peek at Spain’s Capital, Madrid: A Sort of Photo Blog

Sometimes, it’s a bit tough to start writing even though we have a lot of things to share. I’ve been meaning to write about my recent travel adventure to Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands, but I honestly don’t know where to start.

So I thought, why not start fromΒ scratch– from back 2008? Well, I scratched that part for now coz I’m a bit lazy to dig my HDD for old photos (Blog+Photos are much more fun and interesting, isn’t it?).

As I browse through my Europe travel last year (2010), I stumbled upon these photos that I’ve patiently edited for a period of time. I eventually stopped editing coz I felt like it delayed the process of my sharing everything. [Yes, I went through everything wikitravel highlighted… but still managed to get off track and it was really tiring!!]


Looking at it made me smile and realize how lovely the place (and how good my then camera is: Nikon D40x!).

I thought I’d share it anyway… Will update soon (and if by the any chance, I find tons of time, I’d probably makeΒ some more). πŸ™‚

The SKY is soooo BLUE!! Yes, it’s Summer!!! ❀

Okay, so here’s my complete collection of edited pictures πŸ™‚

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The Summary of my “In Brugge” Story

Has any of you watched Colin Farrel’s movie “In Brugge”? I have. I did watch it because I wanted to get some insight before I went off to travel. Tbh, I didn’t really like the movie, and, I wasn’t amazed with what I saw in it. But, I’ve heard that Brugge is really amazing, so I went for it. πŸ™‚ The movie doesn’t do justice to what I’ve seen. I β™₯ Brugge. β™₯ β™₯ x

Brugge is probably one of my personal favorites among the places that I’ve been to. Spending around 4 days in it (roughly 2.5 since I’ve been in and out of the city) somehow made me feel attached to it. I kind of left Brugge with a heavy heart (I didn’t want to leave 😦 but I had to–the same way i felt when I left Madrid for Barca)–I needed to move on to my next journey.

Well, enough about that! We’re here to talk about Brugge. πŸ™‚

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like being in a different century? Like, being on a different era? Or being in the same place, only living in the past? I wondered about it. And then I was in Brugge. It’s like walking in the past, with all these old, beautiful houses/buildings, carefully preserved in each street that I’ve passed to. I felt like I was walking in a post card while I was there. πŸ™‚

[For those who loved Venice, I must say I liked Brugge more :). Comparing the two, I like Brugge a LOT more :)].

Bridges, yes, there were a lot of Bridges. Canals, swans (they were swans, weren’t they?), towers, churches, old houses, bikes, picturesque view and of course, a lot of BELGIAN favorites! You name it: Belgian CHOCOLATES, Belgian BEER, Belgian WAFFLES, and Frites. Yes, what we all know as “french fries” is a Belgian-original dish which is called FRITES. πŸ™‚

It’s just amazing walking around Brugge. Getting lost was the fun part. Fighting the cold was a different story. Oh the stories, I’ve got a lot. Some of them were plainly stupid, while others are just pretty funny. Yes, I’ve got a map. And for the most part, I’m pretty good with it. But I don’t know, my senses just die down whenever there’s someone who takes control of the map reading. Props to my good friend Ed who accompanied me over the weekend! hahaha

Here are some of the places and things that got me caught up in Brugge
the Holy Blood Chapel (Heilige Bloed Basiliek), where the Holy Blood of Christ is located.
the Church of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk) where Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child is currently homed. It’s one of the few works of art by Michelangelo which resides outside Italy.
Belfort at the Grote Markt. It’s a tall tower in this city square that me and my friend climbed. Talk about 366 STEPS! Like, seriously. And, it was pretty scary coz the steps weren’t really big (by that I meant it could allow only 1 1/2 people to step both at the same time–so if you’re coming up and someone’s going down, you both have to be extra careful–like very careful!). I think I’ve read it right when it said “Crooked Belfry”. Oh, and every hour, the Church bells play. When we climbed up, we discovered who/where they were playing. OMG, would you believe that grandpa climbs the Belfort that high everyday to play the keyboard of the bells? WOW.
Choco Museum… It was more of the history and fun facts about the chocolates. I would’ve wanted to see the “actual” process of making the chocolates and a lot of free taste too! Oh well :/
Halve Maan Brewery – went on a brewery tour and it’s was really great! It was very very informative (yes, now I know how healthy a beer drink could be!) and the guide was really funny. Plus, we all got 1 free beer. YAY!
Kai’s “In Bruges” walking tour — one of the BEST walking tours I’ve had. (I actually have had only 2 walking tours, and so far, I liked both! Though, Kai’s take was of a different level. ;)) The tour, overall was AWESOME! He pointed out the places which were in the movie, a lot of interesting facts about those places, history and more! Talk about his charm too! I highly recommend πŸ˜‰
The basement of Crowne Plaze Hotel, a few tomb stones were there and a foundation of the old church
Different Frites Stand
Lots of Chocolates Stores
A bucket of Mussels (awww too bad I forgot to take a picture of it. Imagine me eating atleast a KILO of mussels in one seating!)
Beer drinking (with my roomie Akari). Tip: if you aren’t a beer drinker and you ask the bartender to suggest a good beer for you, Oh, he’ll definitely give you a good one! Like, the strong one! LOL.
Boat Tour. Me and my friend also went on a boat tour. It was great! The guide was also informative, plusssss all we had to do was ride on a boat! The view from the boat was also amazing πŸ™‚
what else…? oh, the cold foggy mornings/nights. It was all good, just a runny nose and that was it. HAH!

Overall, Brugge is just amazing. I love this place, and I hope that one day, I could go back and visit again. πŸ™‚

*Belgium has the COOLEST maps that I’ve seen. checkout use-it.be

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Post Travel Feeling

It’s been a few days since I’ve arrived from my quick vacation. Right now, I’ve got mixed emotions of relief, happiness, and definitely sadness. Everytime I go on to travel, I learn more and more about the culture, history, art, and the people around me. Much more, I learn and discover myself. It’s very rewarding to be more liberated and restrained at the same time. Just thinking about it now somehow makes me emotional and I am a bit lost for words on how to describe the exact same feeling. But over all, I am very grateful to God Almighty for giving me the opportunity to have a home which I call world.

I am soooo excited to continue this journey and to share my recent experiences. Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium. If only I could share the beauty that my eyes have laid upon to those who want to share it with me just by looking into theirs. My words and my pictures definitely won’t do justice to the true beauty that these places and their people have to offer. The whole experience is a bliss and I couldn’t ask for more. πŸ™‚



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Eating in Dubai on a Holiday

Today is the 2nd to the last day of the 5-day long weekend in celebration for the Eid Al Adha here in Dubai. Since my passport is still with the Consulate of the Netherlands (for my upcoming Euro 2011 travelshiz), I’ve no choice but to just be here–literally here in my current base, Dubai.

My roommate left me for a short holiday to Vietnam. Oh trust me when I say I’m soooo excited for her trip. I’m not envious (believe me when I say this time that I’m not that envious) of her going… To be honest, I was actually a bit sad for myself because I’d be spending this longgggg holiday alone here in this empty studio of ours. No friend to chat with about random ridiculous stuff. No “boy” talks. NoΒ narcissistic convos. No “tipid” (thrifty) food galore. No nothing. Just me, myself, and my laptop (and yes, dirty laundry).

Good thing, there’s what we all call as “friendly neighbors” to the rescue… My friend-friends. πŸ™‚ [Barsha people +more!!].

So, what did we do for the past few days? Duh!!! What we’ve always done in each weekend–only this time, LONGER!


What I like (and have somehow discovered) here in Dubai is the extensive fooooooddddd choices.

Thursday (day 1): dinner at Channels Buffet at Rotana

Friday (day 2): Global Village food fest

Saturday (day 3): Β Tim Horton’s at Sheikh Zayed, then dinner at Thyme Buffet at JBR. After which, after dinner drinks at a friend’s (didi’s) house.

Sunday (day 4): dinner at Bricklane, Al Barsha, then Yougurt at Red Mango, MOE (the chocolate flavor is LOVEEEE), thennnnn another after dinner drinks at a friend’s (marian’s) house.

Monday (today!!!): food fest by the pool in our building, then a follow up dinner at Apple Bees… and after this blog,Β after dinner drinks at a friend’s (alma’s) house. πŸ˜€

SO there… my “being stuck” at the base isn’t too bad after all. I got to appreciate Dubai as a 2nd place of residency for me (sorry kids, but the term home is a bit strong, soooo it might take a while for me to call it that :P)… Thanks to the easy food access and the amazing people I get to share it with.

Ok, if you are having a boring time from where you’re at, just allow yourself to indulge on something and you’d feel like you’re on a Holiday and would definitely get to appreciate and enjoy it even more πŸ™‚

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Flight Finally Booked! Here’s What I or You Shouldn’t Do!

Ok, so I’ve already booked my flight yesterday (after a bit of a pingpong due to a lot of considerations!). I’m a bit worried though, coz (a) i booked the dates and it’s not refundable, (b) no formal application of vacation leave yet, and (c) the hype of me going there died down a bit [coz it isn’t until 2wks before i get my visa interview appointment and i hope everything goes smoothly and i get a visa especially because of (a)!!].

So here’s what I’ve been trying NOT to do after I booked my flight (which I’ve instantly violated):

Don’t check back if there are better flights than the one you just got (and paid for), especially if you’ve thought a lot about it before booking it.Β Why?

Think about this, if you found a cheaper flight and you know that you need to PAY certain fees to re-book your flight, are you willing to pay for it? If not, then you’d probably end up beating yourself about it because you just can’t do anything about it!

Also, it seems like you’ve just wasted the pre-booking “back-and-forth decision making”, right? Ohhh, I hate going back and forth!

Thus, you’ll be your own BUZZKILL and not the new flights available (that you wish you got instead).

Thereforrreeee, once you click that “Confirm Booking” button, don’t look back! Instead, move on and think of what’s ahead: You chasing your much awaited trip! YAY!!!


katrina, the gogetterkat

PS. If you’re flight is NON-REFUNDABLE and you still haven’t had your interview, DON’T WORRY about the “what if’s” of the future (specifically, the “what if I get denied of a visa”). Why? Coz it’s a waste. Why worry about something which isn’t in your hands anymore. Your thoughts should be: “My interview would be okay, and I will get a Visa. Why? Because there’s no other way and my ticket is non-refundable. Thus, one way or another, I still have to go!!”

Pray and Hope for the VERY VERY BEST because it isn’t in your hands anymore.

Arghhhh am now a bit enlightened, but I am still worried. Any thoughts? or any advice?

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My Travel Realization: How Did It All Start?

So, where did it all start? How did my love for traveling begin?

There was a saying in my country that if you have a mole in your foot, then you must be a lakwatsera (someone who always go out). I think I have 3 in total! I really didn’t think that’s true because my parents were VERY strict and I was barely allowed to join whatever. Thus, I really didn’t go out that much. Of course by default there were these family vacations or my parents’ company outings in which we joined, but that was it. And it wasn’t even every year! I remember having to spend my whole summer at home, in which my only hope was the swimming/outing from my mom’s work that sometimes gets canceled due to the weather (why would they schedule it end of May when it’s almost the rainy season??).

Subconsciously, I’ve got this urge to always go out whenever I can, be it in the mall, at school, or just at a friend’s house. At gigs, swimming, or even school fairs. Of course as a kid I was limited, but looking back at it right now, it’s all good. My future becomes more and more interesting anyway. πŸ™‚

Okay! Enough about my boring restricted younger life (which somehow, I am grateful for :)). My TRUE traveling experience and appreciation really started in 2007, when me and my family went to Cebu and Bohol for a vacation. Cebu and Bohol are both really beautiful. Ohhh the scenery, the food, the beach, the experience… everything is just LOVELY!!! Since then, I knew that I would be going to different places. That was the turning point of my Lakwatsera life!

I truly appreciate nature, the food, the culture, the people, and the total experience of being just there, wherever I may be. And I guess, I really got into the fascination of traveling because I dove into it with some of the world’s most amazing travel buddies!

Going back to my moles, do you think it has something to do of me being a lakwatsera? πŸ™‚ Possibly, but i think it’s unlikely. Myth or no myth, I’d probably still be taking the same footsteps leading me to the world out there. Once you start, it’s really hard going back to stop. Once you discover that there’s a big and beautiful world out there, then there’s nooooo turning back. The world is my second home, and one way or another, I will go back and be cozy in it. πŸ™‚


What about you? How did it all start for you?

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