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Well, well.. What do you know!

I would’ve said “I enjoy long walks on the beach.” But, frankly, I prefer to sit, watch the sun set, observe, talk and listen. Life is amazing. Love is.


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15 minute blog

A few weeks ago I bumped into a blog which is something like “Reasons to travel why you’re young” by Jeff Goins. Since I myself had joined the wagon even before coming across that, I must say that what he has written somehow shouts out what most of us thought the day we started to “just do it”.

I’ve browsed around Jeff’s blog site and found other interesting pieces. Since then, I’ve started following his tweets, so that just in case I find something that interests me, I’d get easily updated.

One of his tweets this past few days was about how to write a 15minute blog. I haven’t read it yet but I feel like doing it. For a person like myself who has some things to say and is unable to find a lot of time to share my thoughts in one seating (trust me, when I talk, one seating for a blog could take an hour or so), a 15minute piece from time to time could be a good way to keep track.

So here’s to the start of my future 15minute blogs (rather than delaying what I feel sharing and coming up with some lousy excuse!)…!! 🙂

Oh, Merry Christmas everyone!

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