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Luggage to Backpack, but… How? or, WHAT?!?

Dreaming of going backpacking means letting go of heavy luggage and carrying unnecessary stuff. A girl could dream, right?

As some of you know (or, don’t know), I enjoy traveling… So much, that whenever I get the opportunity, I try to visit different places… atleast once a year. Once of the things that I am not a big fan of is packing. I was never a light traveler. I’ve never really attempted to pack things lightly. I am one of those who even tries to pack an outfit on a per-day basis.

Yes, you could just imagine!!! Last year, I even brought a luggage bag just cause it was my first time to go to a colder place and I don’t know what to bring, or if the clothes I’ll be bringing are enough to keep me warm! 😦 16 kilos is a bit much, I know 😦

Okay. So, moving on… I’ve been thinking of backpacking (even though it may not be really good for my back, I have scoliosis, you see!!–but I think a backpack would be better for longer trips than allowing myself to carry a heavy luggage and tempting myself to max it out!!!). Backpacking means I need a backpack, and there are just soooo many options!

Backpack “shopping” tips I got from reading forums etc:

-don’t go overboard. Don’t go over 45

-make sure it fits your back properly, by that, it means the Torso

Actually, those are the only thing that I find really important. Still, I’ve no clue what backpack to buy. I went to the store last week, and there were a few options that sort of fit my torso. I took down the model names and found out that they were mostly designed for men (where are the female backpack models?!?: UNFAIR!!). Okay fine, they fit me. But, do they really need to be very strappy/ropey? Some I think are more for hiking or mountaineering… Are they also good for backpacking? I find those straps/ropes unnecessary.

What do you do when there’s really not much of an option to go for?

So, here are the backpacks available in the store that fit me:

Alpine Lowe Airzone 45+10 (can’t recall if this was the centro)

Vango countour 50+10

Northface Terra 45

Go Sport Andina 50

I hope someone could help me… Puhlease!!